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Don’t get a live tree that was cut down this Christmas!

If you don’t already have one get a fake one that you can store in a box the rest of the year. Why kill a tree that’s been growing many years for a holiday that lasts a day? Question all your actions, even if they seem normal, think how will this affect the world?


Corporations own the planet, their greed and corruption is never-ending. We need to stop supporting them. Stop buying things from them! If you’re going to a restaurant, go to a small family owned one, instead of TGI Fridays. If you like fast food, stop buying it! It causes cancer and obesity. When you shop for food don’t get things like coca-colas, support organic farming (it’s usually smaller companies.) Or even better buy from local farms or make your own garden! Don’t buy nikes or designer clothing made in sweat shops, instead go thrifting, this recycles clothing, you save money, and you get something unique. Don’t buy the new iphone every time it comes out, if you have a phone and it works keep it! If something breaks around the house, don’t replace it, fix it! Get books from the library, libraries let you take them out for a month! That’s more than enough time to read a book. You also help with the deforestation, the planet only has a certain amount of trees, we don’t need millions of books made for every book published! 

Just try your best, think about your every action and the effect it has on the environment. Corporations are greedy bastards that are screwing up the planet, let’s run them out of business! 

Each of us makes a difference! We need to change!

Things I think are wrong with America…

  • Dentists and doctors cost an arm and a leg. In some countries it’s free! In most it’s cheap. Also because of the salary doctors/dentists receive, people pick this career just for the money, no passion in it. Those people suck at what they do. Also I bet you they have the cure for AIDS and cancer, they make too much money without it, so they hide it. 
  • Our food and water is poison. People wonder why there is so much obesity and disease in America. POISON! We eat it and drink it. Why would they do this to us? Because of population control and if we’re sick we buy drugs, and they make a lot of money. Go organic and use a reverse osmosis filter, just add minerals to the water that are essential to your body.
  • College. Everyone is getting a degree, everyone graduates, but nobody gets work. Everyone is getting accepted for a loan. This loan can be A LOT of money, young people get stuck with big debts at the beginning of their life. Also, they brainwash people with false statistics to make them think they will not be successful without college, when many careers don’t need it! In some countries college is free, and in most it’s WAY cheaper! Also if a foreigner comes to America, they have to get the degree all over again, instead of just letting them take an exam. They only care about money.
  • Things are made to be broken. People don’t fix things! They buy them, use them, and then throw them out and buy a newer model. A good example is the iPhone, it’s made to be broken! If the screen cracks, it costs 100 dollars to replace it, most people just buy a new model. I still have an iphone 3gs and I’ve had it for 2 years, if it ever breaks I just fix it, I get the parts on ebay and google a tutorial, I’m not going to get a new one unless it stops working fully. You can do the same thing. Every time you throw something away, think about all the pollution on the planet. If we keep treating it like a garbage can, how will it end? The planet doesn’t need us, we need it to survive, we need to take care of it. Live a simpler life, fix what you have, stop buying what you don’t need.

Education, medicine, food, and water are our rights! But everything is being monopolized, they don’t care about us, they care about their bank accounts.

Make people aware, wake them up!